My name is Martin. When I grow up there was no access to nice tools and other equipment that could make your live easier, so the DIY side was a natural part of You.

I was always watching my grandfather creating things in his workshop, and he always tried to explain to me how things are made and who they work. He was an important person in my life.

Those moments I spent with my grandfather, was a start to my “technical life”. Since then I am very interested in technology, engineering, design and creation.

My guess is, this is mine reason why I become an engineer. I was studying Software Engineering first, but after a wile I decided to study Structure Engineering. It is who I am and what I work with today.

I uses several 3D CAD software daily. Revit Structure, Robot Structure Analysis Pro, AutoCAD & ADT, SolidWorks are just a few that I am super user in. You can read more about my skills at my LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martin-adam-martinsen-12156298.

But back to DIY stuff. Since I moved from home, I did’n have time and workshop to do anything with my DIY hobby. Until this year (2017) where I finally build my self a garage/workshop and can start finally start making things again.

I decided to create a webpage, where I can share my knowledge, ideas, designs and creations with everybody. I have no idea if this will be a success. It is up to You guys, but at least, my kids will have a place where they can learn how to design & create different thing. If they would like. I hope they do…