Airbus A320 – Knobs – 3D Models

Airbus A320 – Knobs – 3D Models

I had an idea ones, to build a full scale Airbus A320 cockpit. It took me a while, but after few years, I designed the complete cockpit in 3D, using AutoCAD and SolidWorks.

The knobs that I am sharing, are in .STL format, ready for 3D printing. They are under GPL license.

If some models are corrupted or has wrong dimension, let me know and I will fix them. I tried to design them as real as possible, but they are customized to fit the rest of my A320 cockpit models.

Please share Your knobs and other A320 cockpit stuff in this community (Airbus Flightdeck):

Download the knobs from Google Drive:


  1. Jarle Krogsether

    Hi Martin,
    Great job!
    I’m working on my own A320 cockpit so your files will come in handy.
    Thank you!
    Best regards
    Jarle Krogsether

    1. Martin

      Hi Jarle.
      Glad to hear that. Let me know if You need any help / assistant with the project.


  2. Andreas

    Hi Martin,

    thanks for really great work with Aisbus Knobs.
    I’am working on my own A320 cockpit and I am happy finding your webside.
    Do you have the parking brake lever as well?
    Thanks in advance for reply.

    Best regards,

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